Freelance Stylist | Paris, France

Place de l’Odéon, Paris, France

How did you discover Deyanera Athens and why did you say yes to this collaboration?

A friend introduced me to Evita to collaborate on her upcoming campaign. So the first thing that attracted me to Deyanera was Evita herself – her vision and her genuine interest for fashion. I had not seen her knits yet, but I was very intrigued by the fact that they were hand made. It turned out that the clothes were amazing, so I was more than happy to say yes to our collaboration.

What is your main source of inspiration?

I get inspired by many things, a movie I have seen, a book I have read and generally all kinds of art –from classic painters to the underground scenes of subculture. Everyday people are also a good source of inspiration – whenever I walk in the streets I watch people and “steal” from the anarchy of the way they are styled. I am deeply interested in what I call “cool mistakes” – I think they always open a door to something new and allow you to break the rules and move one step further.


Share with us a music playlist you like to listen while working.

I listen to all kinds of staff, depending on my mood. I tend to return to the trip hop scene of Bristol very often, I love Americana and we often listen with my boyfriend to a cool radio station of San Francisco via i-tunes- they play some amazing electronic music, of unknown, underground artists. Classical music is also a regular option – the Chopen Nocturnes are on top of my list – it’s amazing the impact this music has on me! It’s like it clears my mind and soul, so I always feel ready for new adventures afterwards.



Le Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris, France


Where do you find beauty and aesthetics in your everyday life?

I think beauty is a matter of character and aesthetics is more than wearing fashionable clothes. It is something that starts from within you, the way you understand yourself and the way you want to introduce him/her to the rest of the world. Style on the other hand, is more playful, it is the creative part of yours that is triggered by your imagination.


Do you have a role model, who has inspired you up until today? Who has that been and why?

I do not have a specific role model. The people that have affected me deeply are my parents and the values I have been given by them. Of course I have admired many women for their work and tremendous talents and see them as source of inspiration. To name just a few Franca Sozzani for her amazing vision in what fashion stands for in the world, Pina Bausch for her approach in the creating process and the unique performances she has given us, Simone de Beauvoir for her intelligent mind and her fight for stronger, more conscious women.


What would you advise to people who are looking for beauty and style in their everyday life?

To seek for that in every way they can. To wear their cool clothes daily and not only on special occasions, to find reasons to smile and do the little things with at least a pinch of creativity. Practice brings excellence, after all!



Place de la Concorde, Paris, France