The construction of a piece of knitwear is a creative and well-organized process for Deyanera. It encompasses respect and care, responsibility and quality.



After the template of the garment is designed, the creative team has a discourse regarding the knits, tests different needles and techniques. The women that bring the designs into life are from an authentic background. They carry in their memory the experiences and symbols of centuries past. They revive traditional techniques and simultaneously discover new ones, combining tradition with Haute Couture.

Each piece of the collection is associated with one of these women and follows her journey throughout the course of the season. In a tranquil and beautiful environment, with great attention to detail, every technician knits meticulously from 10 to 90 hours creating the unique handmade garment.


When the basic form of garment is finished, the silk labels are added along with other details: fabrics, embroidered yarns and tags.


Subsequent to the production process is the control procedure. The clothes are placed on large, flat surfaces (never hanging) to check threads, knits and fragrances.

So, approximately four weeks after the first loop, the cloth is folded and placed very carefully in the luxurious package where, accompanied with flowers, begins its journey to meet the final recipient.