Deyanera is an incredibly promising brand in the field of Haute Couture that creates handmade knitwear.

Our starting point is Greece, from where we are attempting to develop a global corporate identity. Our associates are professionals from Greece and all over the world, having in common their quality of work, consistency and high aesthetic point of view.

The yarn of creating the brand of handmade knitwear began to unwind in June 2018 in Barcelona. The fundamental idea behind it, was to connect the stunning threads with the traditional art of knitting that would be entrusted into the hands of experienced and authentic knit workers.

Women loyal to this tradition were found in the area of ​​the Mount of Olympus. Thus, inspired by the Greek mythology, the courage and inventiveness of the great Hercules, the project assumed the name of his companion, the dazzling Deyanera.

The result is a series of garments characterized by the uniqueness that the handmade offers, the exquisite quality of their materials and their stunning simplicity.

The source of inspiration for the designs is comprised of a vast variety of timeless and contemporary stimuli that can be understood across the world, such as art, local culture, history and mythology. We envision Deyanera as a world-renowned brand that will leave behind its own imprint in the world of fashion.