“Only together can we change the world. Listening to each other carefully, exploring ideas and experiences, as well as paying attention to the details. Being motivated by the love for creation, without forgetting our roots, we will be able to liberate ourselves”.

Deyanera was founded in 2019 in Greece. She is the child of one journey that changed the life of Creative Director, Evita Boufou. That journey set as basic principles of the company the love for the environment, craftsmanship and every woman’s connection to her true self and therefore, to inner freedom. From the beginning, the company’s vision has been to evolve on pillars that would be the foundation to build one community where all its members would be connected, bringing about only one result; creation.

Modern knitwear, made by hand, with a focus on timelessness, craftsmanship and the choice of raw materials that are friendly to the environment, promise to accompany women in all their special moments, taking care of their skin and their spirit. Merging heritage with a new point of view, Deyanera not only creates clothes but also ideas and stories that will be passed down from generation to generation. She promises year after year to improve her commitment to the protection of the environment and to travel around the world to see, hear and create.

Every Deyanera piece will be much more than just another outfit in your closet. It will be a reflection of your voice, your memory, your heritage.

Welcome to the world of Deyanera!


Deyanera LaMaison